Flash flood after heavy rainstorm in the Las Vegas Valley

The weather was crazy today in Las Vegas. It was flooding across the Las Vegas Valley after intense thunderstorm swept through with heavy rain and lightning, flooding washes, delaying flights, snarling traffic and prompting helicopter rescues of stranded motorists in water-filled intersections.

Tourists always ask me why we have the man-made riverbeds all over the valley, what is totally dry the majority of the year. This is the reason. Flash flood.

Streets and homes were flooded and numerous intersections, including Blue Diamond and Rainbow, where I stopped to take some pictures. In some areas the water was 10 inches deep, making the street impassable to cross.

September 11, 2012 was the wettest September day on record in Las Vegas (1.18 inches) since record keeping began in 1939, according to the National Weather Service.

Here are my images of the day:

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