Vacation… My brother & niece visited me in Las Vegas _ Part 1

When the idea came up, that this year my brother and niece coming to visit me, my niece’s first question was: Do you have any animals in America?
So we visited every place what we could think of to visit animals and they just find us anyway in any shape.

Than when she got here, she told me she voted for me every day. The voting for Las Vegas Best photographer was going on this time. Than she wanted to know if I am famous enough to take pictures of her and put it in a magazine. So here we are, a post of our vacation together.

They got here very tired in the late afternoon after almost 24 hours on the road. They went to sleep right away, than they were up at 5am, very hungry. Where should I take them to have breakfast at 5am? We ended up an Egg & I by the airport and stayed there until we speak with everybody on skype, then we started our adventure in Las Vegas.

Sightseeing, watching the fountain, visiting observatory, a nice coffe and ice cream of course at the Bellagio Hotel, looking around at Four Seasons Hotel and Mandalay Bay Hotel, where we visited the Shark Reef.
Westin Hotel and Ravella at Lake Las Vegas. Of course, not on the same day. :-) We had a lot of fun!

Las Vegas Photographer, Bellagio Hotel,  LVH Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel

Las Vegas Photographer, Las Vegas Shark reef

Las Vegas Photographer, Lake Las Vegas

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